About Reform

Reform is the IT partner that provides you with information technology solutions to redesign the structures and ensure stability of your business operation.

Why should I choose Reform?

With modern methods of needs analysis and last generation technological tools, we aim to help our customers with the optimal operation of their systems in order to achieve flexibility and effectiveness.

Reform customer service system is designed for the communication between the customer and the support to be direct and substantial. Reform values are custody and consistency. Through constant education of staff along with the implementation of reliable internal processes Reform targets in building long term relationships with customers.

The choice of partners, software and systems, is based on the reliability and effectiveness that those can provide to the end customer through Reform. †Solutions tailored to the customer under reasonable cost.

More Reform...

What we do in Reform is to think and create for our customers. Our solutions are based on well-known manufacturers in the world market.

Since 2002, Reform is studying customer needs and produce action plans for IT infastructures, installs and supports third party software applications such as,†REALVIEW CLM, REALVIEW CRM4sec, iAlert Guard, iAlert Facility†and iAlert PLUS. Technologies as Java and PHP, data management solutions from Oracle and Microsoft, along with many development platforms are combined to provide Ö only earnestly results.

Working with†CISCO†leads to technology systems and solutions for businesses and organizations in all levels of equipment for information systems infrastructure. Network commodities, security solutions, communucation platforms and cutting edge datacenter technology, provide stability and advantages to all our projects.

Since the year 2010, Reform has been certified as a developer of†APPLE†operating system, iOS, and in the year 2012 as a developer of†GOOGLE†operating system, Android, thus creating applications for tablet devices and smart phones. In full cooperation with REALVIEW applications and other platforms Ö We challenge you to find yourself in motion and we shall provide you with the information you need on the screen of your smart device.

Since the year 2014, Reform has been certified as†ORACLE†partner.

The combination of the above gives excellent results at competent cost!!!

Our specialty in applications is in the organizational structure, of Health and Safety. Two areas that keep transforming continually and both needs to serve a few but constant needs of human health and safety of property and life.

For the areas of Health and Safety we share our desires. Desires to stand by our customers, so that they in turn take care of people who need their services. Care and protection.