Customer sustains the information system through an automated procedure and a range of services on a weekly basis.

MONITORING SYSTEM R.C.S.M. Reform customer service system, R.C.S.M. (Reform Customer Support Model), provides direct and substantial communication between customers and technical team.


Furthermore, using the latest Cisco technology, Reform performs on time DIAGNOSIS and recognizes any malfunctions. ADJUSTMENT, stands on how REFORM arranges to deal with those directly and responsibly. Next step, CONTROL, helps REFORM advisors to recognize the quality of the solution given in conjuction with the cost. Finally, COMMUNICATION refers to the follow up given to the customer, on the cause of the information system problems or the illustration of the steps of any solution. Case data is recorded in REFORM databases, for keeping customer historical records. Finally, through information security standards used by Reform, customer information systems management is secure and reliable.

The above services, comes with the appropriate fault management software and hardware elements installed in customer premises and triggered by issues, alert customer or Reform relevant department.

?. Cisco M.A.R.S. (Monitoring, Analysis & Response System), is a device that monitors all network devices and applications in order to recognize or/and respond to those.

Cisco M.A.R.S….