Having decided to dedicate your time, energy and personality on something worthwhile, on a mission that is both enjoyable and challenging; on a successful company; You are in the right place.

Welcome to  Reform Information Systems SA.

Corporate culture is important to Reform. We focus on the individual. Our attention is focused on everyone associated with our company: Employees, Customers and Partners. You can sense it and our customers can confirm it.

What you can expect at Reform

  • Personalized digital environment
  • Dealing with interesting projects and tasks

For this procedure, we do prefer to apply using the links in this page, so we encourage you to click on the links bellow for the job you are interested in.

  • Please describe yourself and your goals.  Send your CV (Europass CV format only is accepted).
  • As the remote work environment are acceptable, candidates once selected, they will have the option to work either a fixed 8-hour schedule from home or part-time for 6 or 4 hours. Working days will follow the MON-FRI schedule, aligned with the Greek holiday calendar.
  • We kindly ask that applicants hold permanent residency in an EU country, along with a suitable working space within said country.
  • We request that a Non-Disclosure Agreement be implemented upon your selection.

We request your cooperation on the following job assignments:

Senior Programmer

Junior Programmer

Ευχαριστούμε !