Ubiquitous safety

Starts with data and perception. Ends with Reform and Reaview software solutions


Firstly we aim for your data. To secure them and downsize the annual  cost. Thus we help you to migrate on the cloud.  AWS is the next stop.

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Realview is a software platform that binds all your existing software together, analyses them and gives you correlated views. Based on AWS it uses all the necessary tools to give what you are looking for.



Infrastructure as you go

On a cloud based infrastructure you have the ability to manage exactly the performance and the running costs. 

It is easy to scale up your processing power, to use powerful tools such as AI/ML and of course secure your data. A central system which will never be obsolete

software solutions made for you

We make it a point of honor to offer you a 5-star service 

We are here to answer all your software problems, from IoT devices, big data management to special algorithm suits your needs

services & solutions made for your customers

In an ever-evolving market, businesses are now required to be able to exploit technology, especially in the fields of the cloud and mobile applications.  Apps are now being used by everyone and are part of their everyday work. It is important for a company to be able to recognize and approach the needs of its customer, those who literally use its products or services and somehow communicate with them.

What’s better than an application that makes the user enjoy security services... these valuable services


consulting, implementation, knowledge

Migrate on the cloud

find the way, the price and of course the team!

Define what data do you really need

know how with us

Connect to Realview

implement the solution based on your needs


development, guidance, help desk

develop your dreams

give us the opportunity to make your dreams come... coded

Try and error guidelines

we put the code to the test until it fits your expectations

Help desk

start working, no worries. we will be with you 24-7

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