For the security sector we have the knowledge and the solutions. We  implement  software on the open so​urce platform Realview 4security, based on AWS infrastructure,. There you can cooperate with your customers or with others in this field.

Match your services with those you don't have. Maybe a patrol with SOC services? In a simple way you can find new customers in new countries, produce your own special services, or even promote your IoT sensors to the world.

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Enter in a new world 
of security.

The IoT is here. Manage every electronic device of your Customer.  Give them top quality for their emergencies, for the surveillance services, for your actions. The sector of Security Operations Center (S.O.C.) is changing rapidly.

Join our Realview 4security platform easily. Add every customer's device on it, the alarm system, the video system, every tracker, every sensor, every IoT device. Monitor, manage and act in your customer's best interest.

Yet, you don't need any special equipment, such as... servers, os, alarm receivers, special SOC software, antivirus, router, firewall, IT support services, huge ups or power units. Nothing !! All these are the Realview 4security platform. Based on Amazon's AWS infrastructure and connected to your premises, to your PCs, securely.  

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owners of hardware & software alarm receivers

If you are an owner of a S.O.C. company and you want to rent your  receivers' infrastructure, please do!  We make it a point of honour to offer you a 5-star service. Connect with Realview @ AWS and gain profit from the first connected device. Get access to a new customers list in several countries.

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