Effective starting: May 30, 2023

I am the USER of this application (app) and I am solely responsible for:

1.  the usage outcome of this app, whether the outcome is positive or not, for me or third parties,

2.  the operation of this app as an individual, only by using my username and password provided to me by a Security Operation Center (SOC) and I am responsible for the safety of them,

Moreover, I understand this document and personally accept the responsibility of using this app and I am aware of the fact that:

3. This app has been developed only for safety purposes and can transfer (upon my request), my personal information to a SOC. These data are transmitted, using encrypted industry standard protocol (TLS), if the three (3) following rules have been fulfilled: a) I must personally apply for a subscription as an individual to a SOC, b) I must enable the above-mentioned data on the application’s setting board, c) I must press the "panic alert" button.

4. The app relies on internet communication. So, the phone-device may be in an area with no signal or other means of communication. In this case the data that I need to send, cannot be transmitted to the SOC or even via the email function. These data are kept by the app which is bound to send them when internet transmission is found. For this reason, under no circumstances should I solely rely on the app's functions for my physical integrity. 

5. If I subscribe for a SOC service and press the "Panic Alert" button the app transfers my given personal information to a SOC, such as: personal data (name, phone number, email address), geographical location, microphone’s recordings up to 15’’, phone’s sensors status, my  health notes, insurance name – contract number and a 7days geographical location history. Also transmits the communication details of my two relatives.  

6. Registration procedure does not include private Information of me. My indirect identification can only be done by the SOC team after the "Panic Alert" button is pressed and if I have successfully applied my personal data to the "user info" section. 

7. The SOC team will delete my personal information from the database whenever I ask for it through the app's function (settings/Delete your account) or when my subscription will become inactive. These actions, when they happen, are irreversible.

8. In case I don’t apply for a SOC subscription, I might be able to send some of the above mentioned data to one or two relatives via email protocol, using the email alert@ialertplus.com as sender.

9. The app, when enabled, uses a lot of power and can drain my phone's battery.

10. Almooond Ltd is the application provider for the app and is only responsible for running and upgrading this app on the Store. SOC company is the service provider of this app, and it is the only responsible for my safety issues.

11. App uses location services in the background so as to track my position and send these data to the SOC. The aim of this action is the immediate response, by the SOC team, for my safety.